Winter Weather Increases Chance of Workplace Injuries

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Philadelphia personal injury lawyers warn that motor vehicle accidents and slip and falls aren’t the only concerns that the public should have regarding wintry conditions like snow and ice outside. Attorneys remind workers that safety in the workplace should also be considered, especially in workplaces with already dangerous surroundings like those at factories and on construction sites. Winter storms as a result of extreme weather conditions can cause problems with road conditions and household utilities such as electricity, water and gas requiring service personnel to work in hazardous settings which could increase the chance of a workplace injury.

Last month, a 51-year-old father of two died after being crushed by a large pile of rock salt. Gustav Propper suffered the workplace injury at the International Salt Storage facility in Bucks County, Pa. He was operating an excavator when a 100-foot pile of salt collapsed around him, trapping him inside the end-loader. Workers say they attempted to get Gustav out, but were unable to get to him in time. He was smothered by the salt and died as a result of asphyxiation, according to Bucks County Coroner Joseph Campbell. As with any workplace injury, officials from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigated the accident for any safety violations. Family members said that Gustav worked for International Salt for about 15 years.

Personal Injury Lawyers Say Employers who Violate Safety Regulations Can Be Held Liable for Workplace Injuries

Safety guidelines are put in place to ensure that workers are safe in their work environments. Many of these regulations are federally mandated through OSHA, but different states and even local governments many have their own laws as well. Employers are required to follow these guidelines, and may be held responsible for injuries in cases where safety violations are found.

Every workplace has its own unique potential injuries and some workplaces may have higher risks than others, such as, construction sites or factories. However, it is always the employer’s duty to follow all safety guidelines in order to help prevent workplace injuries. Any safety violations should be reported to the employer immediately. In unsafe environments, workers can suffer from serious injuries including head injuries, back injuries, amputations and death when safety violations are present.

New Jersey and Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers

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