Man Dies of Heart Attack After Security Doors at JFK’s Delta Terminal Fail

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Personal injury attorneys recently learned of the tragic death of 50-year-old Gunseye Adekunle. According to reports, the man tragically died last weekend at JKF Airport after suffering a heart attack. He was in the Delta terminal and preparing to board his flight when he collapsed.

A call to Port Authority police for help was made immediately and emergency responders were dispatched one minute later. Unable to enter the terminal from the street because an officer’s security card did not work, the response team was delayed for two minutes as they tried to access the building before finally entering a different way. They did finally reach Adekunle, but the team consisted of only EMTs who could not administer medicinal treatment until paramedics arrived. FDNY paramedics were dispatched and the Adekunle and the EMTs waited for their arrival. When the FDNY crew arrived, they also had difficulty accessing Delta’s terminal due to issues with the security doors. The security system failed to recognize an ID access card used by a Port Authority cop escorting the FDNY responders. Since paramedics could not get to Adekunle in the terminal, he had to be transported down from the terminal to the FDNY ambulance. Adekunle was pronounced dead upon his arrival at Jamaica Hospital.

The terminal where the security doors failed was recently renovated, according to the New York Post.

Personal Injury Attorneys Agree that Every Second in Crucial in Treating a Heart Attack Patient

Experts say that every second is critical during a cardiac event. Patients must be diagnosed and treated immediately. The slightest delay can affect the whether or not a patient survives in these situations. Patients experiencing heart failure, a heart attack or another type of heart disease may suffer additional injury or death from delayed treatment.

Medical professionals advise patients experiencing symptoms in the chest which may be related to heart attack or other cardiac event to seek prompt medical attention and ask for an EKG, blood test or some other diagnostic test. Seconds are crucial during these events so patients who should not leave the hospital if they are still experiencing pain or if they feel proper medical treatment had not been administered.

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