Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers: More Fatal Car Crashes on Tax Day

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Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers: More Fatal Car Crashes on Tax Day

philadelphia personal injury lawyers, new jersey personal injury attorneysPhiladelphia personal injury lawyers report on an article published in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association that states that Americans are more likely to be involved in a fatal car accident on Tax Day. Researchers from Canada reviewed and analyzed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for a 30 year period, 1980 to 2009. They looked at traffic deaths on the 30 tax days and compared them to control days in the same year one week before the deadline day and one week after. There were 6,783 traffic deaths on Tax Day – that amounts to an average 226 per day. The control days had an average of 213 per day.

Their findings indicate that an average of 13 more people die on tax day in the United States than on other days in April. This is equivalent to a 6 percent higher risk. The researchers calculated those extra deaths amount to about 40 million dollars in annual societal losses. Even for those who file in advance, they are not immune to the risk because it pertains to drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians. You and your family are obviously more at risk for fatal car accident on Tax Day, and that’s when you need a team of experienced Philadelphia auto accident lawyers such as the personal injury attorneys at Messa & Associates on your side.

Auto Accident Lawyers Explain Probably Causes for Increase in Tax Day Car Accidents

Reasons for the increase in traffic-related deaths on Tax Day are not known with certainty, but it is widely recognized that tax season is stressful for many people. Many individuals are focused on filling out the forms and meeting the deadline as well as being occupied with the financial aspect of owing money or having to pay a penalty if the return is not filed on time. An estimated 20 percent of taxpayers wait until the last minute to file their tax return. Having more drivers on the road and perhaps motorists taking unfamiliar routes to get to a post office may be contributing factors to the increased risk of traffic deaths. The stress of an impending deadline may cause individuals to lose sleep, be anxious, and be less attentive. All of these factors could lead to distracted driving and errors on the road – common causes of car crashes regularly seen by Messa & Associates’ auto accident lawyers.

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