Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyers Report on Jeep Wrangler Recall

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Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyers Report on Jeep Wrangler Recall

Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyers, New Jersey Product Liability LawyersThe Chrysler Group announced a safety recall last week of 67,872 Jeep Wrangler sport utility vehicles. The recall was prompted by an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration initiated in March after the Agency received several complaints from consumers claiming their Jeep Wranglers caught fire while being driven. The recall involves select vehicles from the 2010 model year specifically those that were built before July 14, 2010 and equipped with an automatic transmission. The company received 14 complaints of fires starting near the area of the skid plate, although no injuries or fatalities have been reported. Messa & Associates, experienced product liability lawyers in Philadelphia and New Jersey, urge owners of these dangerous and defective vehicles to comply with the recall instructions.

Jeep Wrangler Recalled For Risk of Fire

The problematic issue that has been identified involves a risk of fire. The early 2010 models have an underbody skid plate that protects some of the main components of the vehicle including the transmission, engine, part of the exhaust system, and the catalytic converter. The collection of debris such as leaves and sticks between the skid plate and catalytic converter presents a risk of fire. The close proximity of the catalytic converter and the heat it generates can cause the debris to catch fire without any warnings.

The Chrysler Group will be notifying owners and dealerships about the recall in the next few weeks. Owners will be instructed to return their vehicle to a nearby dealer where the skid plate will be removed. A new skid bar that does not allow as much debris to accumulate will be installed. This service will be provided free of charge. Owners can check the production date of their vehicle in the doorjamb on the driver’s side.

Product Liability Lawyers in Philadelphia and New Jersey

The Philadelphia product liability lawyers at Messa & Associates handle cases involving all types of defective products. If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective or dangerous product, such as the Jeep Wrangler, it is imperative that you seek legal representation by an experienced and knowledgeable product liability lawyer such as those at Messa & Associates. We understand the complex issues involved in a defective product lawsuit and we will fight to secure the proper compensation for your injuries. Serving the Philadelphia and South Jersey area, the product liability lawyers at Messa & Associates are available to meet with you to discuss your potential defective product claim. Call Messa & Associates at 1-877-MessaLaw (1-877-637-7252) for a free and confidential consultation or submit a free online inquiry.

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