Sexual Assault of Children at Philly Day Care Leads to Arrest of Medford Lakes, NJ Man

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6ABC Action News has reported that Philadelphia police have arrested 53 year-old Duncan Round of Medford Lakes, NJ on charges of rape, sexual assault and other offenses related to the sexual assault of two-children at a prominent Philadelphia day care.

Owner Sexually Assaults Children at Daycare

Duncan Round is the owner of Sprouts day care on South 9th Street in South Philadelphia. His victims were a boy and a girl, both 5 years of age. Police are currently working to find out whether or not there are additional victims. They have asked parents with concerns to contact the Philadelphia police immediately.

Sexual Assualt Lawsuit

Sexual assault can have absolutely devestating effects on its victims, including depression, flashbacks, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Victims of this crime can lose years of their lives trying to return to some state of normalcy. In the case of a small child, this crime can affect childhood development, school performance, education level, job prospects, and current and future relationships.

A crime or sexual assault victim is absolutely entitled to compensation for injuries caused. Money can’t take away the memories or the pain of a criminal violation, but it can help provide necessary physical and psychological treatment, or even help someone relocate to a new town/city to start a new life.

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