Two Catastrophically Injured Riders File Suit Against Lyft for Broken Promises to Pennsylvania Citizens

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Two Catastrophically Injured Riders File Suit Against Lyft for Broken Promises to Pennsylvania Citizens

Messa & Associates attorney, Thomas N. Sweeney, has filed a lawsuit against Lyft, one of the largest rideshare companies in the United States. Two clients suffered catastrophic injuries from a crash in which they were passengers in the Lyft vehicle. In the lawsuit, plaintiffs allege that the popular rideshare company breached the promises it made to the Pennsylvania Legislature that allow it to operate in the state.

Plaintiffs assert that the Lyft driver involved in the crash should not have been permitted to operate a Lyft vehicle because of his criminal background as evident by the outstanding warrant. Pennsylvania law restricts ride-share companies from allowing drivers from accessing the Lyft application and transporting passengers if they have a criminal background.

At the time of the crash, the Lyft driver had an outstanding warrant when he was transporting two passengers. Police officers responded to the scene of the crash and arrested the Lyft driver for the outstanding warrant.

Lyft states on its website that it conducts a background check prior to the final hiring. The suit alleges that the company failed to discover an outstanding warrant of the employee during the hiring process which should have disqualified him from the ride-sharing platform.

Plaintiffs further claim that Lyft’s failure to disqualify its driver from utilizing the Lyft application due to the existence of a warrant put its passengers in danger.

As a result of Lyft’s negligence, one plaintiff claimed damages from facial trauma, spine injuries, and shoulder injuries. The medical treatment was extensive and expensive to repair these injuries. The second passenger also suffered a traumatic brain injury, cervical disc pathology, and aggravation of spondylosis.

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