Questions Continue to Pile Up Regarding Sunday’s Delaware and Bucks County Amtrak Incidents

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Sunday, an Amtrak train traveling from New York City, NY to Savannah, GA derailed just south of Philadelphia after crashing into a backhoe, killing two and injuring 35. Since then, an investigation into the cause of the crash has raised more questions than it’s answered. It is confirmed that the fatalities were two long-time employees of Amtrak, both working construction on the track, one operating the backhoe that was struck. It’s unknown, however, why the backhoe was on the tracks at the same time as a southbound train, why the conductor didn’t know the backhoe and its operators were on the tracks, or why the workers didn’t move when they saw/heard the train coming.

Glen Hills, a victim in the crash, described the scene moments BEFORE the crash to CNN;

There was a lot of debris in the track, and we started driving through that. There was a lot of gravel noise. I looked outside, and it looked like we were in this brown cloud. We were rolling into this storm, this sandstorm.

Hills also commented on his wavering confidence as a commuter who depends on Amtrak and the Northeast corridor to conduct business in the specialty foods industry. “I rely on Amtrak a lot, and I travel for my job in the Northeast Corridor a lot,” he said. “This incident has really fed my fears.”

The National Transportation Safety Board will continue its investigation and hopefully get answers to these and many other questions.

Another Amtrak Related Fatality on the Northeast Corridor on Sunday

The Chester crash was not the only Amtrak incident on the Northeast Corridor on Sunday. In Bensalem, a pedestrian was struck by an Amtrak train headed for New York near SEPTA’s Cornwall Heights stop.

The victim, identified only as a man, lost his leg in the accident. The Bucks County accident occurred at around 7:30 pm, just 30 miles away from Sunday morning’s deadly crash in Delaware County. The train stopped for about two hours while investigators were on scene before it resumed normal service.

It is unknown why the man was on the tracks.

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