Tragic Fire Claims the Lives of Two Children and Father

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A tragic fire in Quakertown took the lives of a father and two young children on Christmas day. According to reports, the fire was started by Christmas lights, however, the article also indicates the smoke detectors were not working.
This tragedy is yet another reminder that household appliances or any electric products which are placed into an outlet should be designed with an automatic shut-off as this crucial safety feature is simple to incorporate into the design of products and often only adds a minimal cost to the product. Even worse, this catastrophic event further emphasizes the deficiency in the design of smoke detectors which repeatedly fail to work and often result in unnecessary loss of life.
Messa & Associates would like to offer our deepest condolences to the King family. If you are interested in contributing to the family, here is the link to a fundraiser that goes directly to helping the mother and her son get back on their feet. Click here.
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