Messa & Associates Secures $568k Verdict on Behalf of Disfigured Dog-Bite Victim

By Angela Leone

Oct 01

On Monday, September 24, 2018, attorney Brett M. Furber of Messa & Associates secured a $568,375 verdict on behalf of his client, three-year-old Will Irrgang, and his parents Craig Irrgang and Kate Ginty, against the American Sardine Bar, Inc., after Will received disfiguring injuries as the result of a dog-bite on American Sardine Bar’s outdoor patio.

On October 7, 2016, Craig Irrgang and Kate Ginty visited American Sardine Bar (ASB) at 18th and Federal Streets with their 17-month-old son, Will. The three sat inside and after ordering, Craig and Will took a walk to the outdoor patio. Prior to their arrival, a Labrador/Beagle/Pitbull named Dover arrived with his handler, who warned ASB that Dover was unfriendly. ASB made no efforts to remove the dog from the premises, violating their own policy that aggressive or unfriendly dogs are prohibited from the patio. Once outside, Craig and Will saw Dover and moved to the back of the patio. Craig asked Dover’s handler if he was friendly, to which he replied, “yes, very friendly.” Craig and Will knelt down and Dover attacked.

Dover bit off a 1.6” piece of Will’s ear which was not re-attached. A plastic surgeon who consulted with Will’s parents at Children’s Hospital informed them that once Will is older, he will be eligible for an optional procedure to restore that part of his ear, though it will never have the same appearance as it did pre-injury.

In addition to his physical injuries, Will also suffers from emotional distress as a result of the accident, including a fear of dogs.

The Philadelphia jury found American Sardine Bar, Inc. 59% liable for Will’s injuries. The jury awarded Will and his parents $568,375 in damages.

The plaintiffs were represented at trial in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas by Brett M. Furber, Esq. Pre-trial settlements with the dog’s owner and handler were negotiated by Ramon A. Arreola, Esq.

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