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Messa & Associates - Transportation Accidents

The Philadelphia auto accident lawyers of Messa & Associates have handled every type of transportation accident imaginable, from single-vehicle accidents in cars to catastrophic transportation accidents involving airplane and train crashes.

There are many factors that can contribute to an accident—whether airplane, car, truck, train, boat, motorcycle, or other vehicle. The Philadelphia motor vehicle accidents lawyers at Messa & Associates make it our practice to investigate all possibilities, from the personal responsibility of the driver involved to the design of the road or highway, the maintenance of traffic controls, and many other viable influences. Motor vehicle accident cases are often much more layered than they at first appear, and Messa & Associates has the experience and conviction to uncover the true causes of an accident.

Some of the successful outcomes obtained by our Philadelphia and New Jersey motor vehicle accident attorneys include

- Harris v. The Lutheran Home at Topton: $28.75 Million verdict for a child that was rendered a paraplegic in a motor vehicle accident.

- David Crossan v. Kaolin Mushroom Farms: $6.9 Million settlement for motorcyle collision causing permanent injuries to the Plaintiff. Plaintiff had the right of way and entered an intersection while riding his motorcycle. He was struck by a truck owned by the Defendant when the truck driver failed to stop at a stop sign. The Plaintiff suffered head trauma resulting in a skull fracture with epidural and subdural bleeding, and multiple fractures of the pelvis and face. He underwent a craniotomy, an evacuation. He continues to suffer from cognitive dysfunction and speech irregularities and uses a cane to walk.

- Confidential: $5.5 Million recovery for a 70-year old man who crashed with a tow truck resulting in a brain injury requiring nursing home care.


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