Ramon A. Arreola, Esq.

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Ramon A. Arreola, Esq.
  • $12.9 Million Verdict (the highest MVA verdict in PA in 2019) against the Philadelphia Joint Board Workers' Union on behalf of a man struck by a trade union vehicle being operated by an intoxicated, non-union employee. 
  • $8.5 Million settlement for the family of a seven-year-old girl who was killed in a fire caused by a defective curling iron that lacked proper safety precautions to prevent a fire from occurring. The curling iron was plugged into a defective power strip that lacked an industry standard fuse that would have disabled the power running to the curling iron in the event of a short.
  • $7 Million products liability settlement for a Union carpenter who sustained career-ending injuries after a defective pair of drywall stilts broke underneath him. 
  • $2 Million settlement (largest recorded table-saw injury settlement) for a young man who lost his middle finger and injured his index finger on his dominant right hand as a result of a defective Ryobi table saw. .
  • $1 Million settlement for a former 55 year-old factory who was seriously injured when a Ford F-450 truck struck her while she was attempting to cross a four lane highway at nighttime. The victim suffered several fractures, requiring multiple surgical procedures and amputation of two toes on her right foot. 
  • $850,000 settlement on behalf of a Philadelphia man who fell through a warehouse roof on a job site where he was employed. As a result of the incident, the man suffered multiple fractures and an elbow injury which required surgical intervention. Evidence was uncovered that proved that the plaintiff’s alleged employer, as well as the property owner, both had superior knowledge of the defective condition of the roof which resulted in the man’s fall and subsequent injuries.