Zantac Lawsuit Update

As trials are being set for the lawsuit against Zantac for causing cancer to its product users, plaintiffs are accusing the drugmaker, Sanofi, of intentionally losing evidence.

Plaintiffs are now asking the judge to impose sanctions against Sanofi as they have failed to preserve emails involving thousands of lawsuits against Zantac.

While the motion regarding the sanctions has been sealed, for now, Sanofi has been given two weeks to propose redactions.

Sanofi has denied destroying emails intentionally.

As of July 15th, there are currently 2,000 cases pending against Zantac.

The first trial has been set for February 2023 pending to take place in Almeda County, California. As evidence is reviewed, there is a positive impression that the trial will likely be strong for the plaintiffs.

This month there was also an order stating that no cases have been dismissed regarding “cancer-specific claims”. It was clarified by the judge that specific cancers not linked to Zantac usage have not been determined yet.

As the Zantac Class Action Lawsuit continues, it is important to remember to protect your rights. If you have questions or concerns regarding your qualification for a claim, it is important you discuss them with your attorney rather than voluntarily dismissing your claim.


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